Arrived at the winter bride to the bridesmaids selection of bridesmaid dresses is not simple, a bridesmaid dress is the best choice, gorgeous temperament, how? Suitable for your bridesmaids?

Winter marriage wedding bridesmaids is indispensable supporting role, in the upcoming winter, for bridesmaid pick a suitable winter dress.

On the wedding, the bridesmaid's dress style with the bride-phase coordination, indoor can wear a beautiful bridesmaid's dress, outdoor can put on warm shawl, the beautiful still not discount.

The Chinese marriage customs red-based, entry of Western culture to have a white wedding dress in the wedding. But pay attention to the Western wedding, only the bride can wear white, female guests are not allowed to wear. Table festive, add some red elements on the clothing: a red dress, red belt, or clothing on a small area of the red. Can also wear some of the reddish warm colors such as pale pink, yellow and so on. Very low winter temperatures can also choose to avoid bridesmaids cold, thick woolen coat as a bridesmaid dress.